Serving: 60 Capsules

Your Total Electrolyte support!

* Prevents cramping in harsh conditions
* Full-spectrum, balanced formula
* Made in UK

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  Pre - Exercise        During              After

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  For Exercise/Event Duration

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Serving: 60 Capsules
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Prevents cramping
Complete, balanced formula
Cramping is your body’s final warning signal that you’re “on empty” electrolyte wise. However, your performance is deteriorating and you are slowing down long before you feel the slightest twinge of a cramp. To keep your body’s muscular, digestive, nervous, and cardiac systems “firing on all cylinders” you need a consistent supply of all electrolytic minerals, not just sodium and potassium. Plus, in many instances, you require greater volumes of electrolytes than any sports drink or gel can provide. That is why Electroright fulfills such a crucial component of your fueling by supplying your body with a perfectly balanced, full-spectrum, rapidly assimilated electrolyte source, allowing you to meet your widely variable electrolyte needs with tremendous precision, hour after hour, no matter what the weather throws at you.
Extra Benefits:
Taking one or more Electroright before bed may help prevent “night cramps” and nighttime muscle twitching.
Electrolyte replacement during exercise can vary as much as tenfold between two athletes. No other area of endurance nutrition or supplementation calls for such individualized dosing. And perhaps no other area of fueling can drop you out of the competition as quickly as electrolyte depletion or overdose. This is a critically important area where correct dosing is a must; you simply mustn't consider getting electrolytes out of a premixed drink. The risk of too much fluid/too few electrolytes is high, which means bad news for your stomach, your muscles, and your performance.
You want a product that allows effective electrolyte replenishment under any weather condition, any length of exercise, and any intensity of exercise. Electroright, unlike any other pill, tablet, or premixed drink, is that product. Also, don't make the mistake of thinking that electrolytes = sodium. Sodium alone cannot and will not effectively replenish electrolyte needs and may cause more problems than it resolves. With Electroright you're assured of getting all the right minerals in exactly the right balance. Electroright comes in conveniently dosed capsules. 
Take 1 to 2 capsules per hour during exercise, hot weather conditions may warrant higher doses.

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