Premium Insurance Caps

High-potency multivitamin/mineral supplement

  • * Supports optimum health and performance
  • * Increases energy all day
  • * Benefits digestion
  • * Fills dietary nutrient gaps



  Pre - Exercise       During               After

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Serving: 210 Cápsulas

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Premium Insurance Caps contain superb levels of the B complex vitamins, amounts that replicate many stress support formulas currently available, thus making those particular products unnecessary in your supplement regimen.


Available in 2 sizes:

We offer this great product in non-packeted 210-capsule and 120-capsule containers. With these non-packeted, loose tablet containers, the task of taking divided doses and/or fewer-than-seven capsules daily becomes much easier.

For those who are new to Hammer Nutrition supplements and want to give this powerful multivitamin/mineral supplement a try, our 120-capsule, non-packeted container is the perfect starter kit. At 7 capsules daily, this provides a 17-day supply; however, if only 4 capsules daily are necessary, this provides a full month's supply. For those of you who prefer the larger 210-capsule version -an amount that lasts a month or more, depending on usage- this is the most economical option.

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