Race Day Boost

Serving: 64 Cápsulas

Give your performance a big boost

  • * Boosts performance time up to 8%
  • * Increases endurance
  • * Reduces lactic acid



 Pre - Exercise        During                After

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Serving: 64 Cápsulas
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If you found a performance supplement that enhanced the functions and performance of your body's three energy production pathways, and also effectively buffered lactic acid, you'd take it, wouldn't you? Hammer Nutrition's Race Day Boost is that product - and yes, it's safe and legal! In the most extensive study to date on Race Day Boost's primary ingredient, fit cyclists in a 40K time trial netted a whopping 8% improvement in performance time. The simple formula belies its profound effectiveness, aiding in increased cellular energy production and buffering performance-robbing lactic acid.

No matter what duration your event may be, a four-day loading dose of Race Day Boost prior to a key race can make a noticeable difference in your performance. This is a special product for special events, but if you intend to meet or exceed your race day expectations, you better have Race Day Boost in your arsenal.

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